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gru 06 2003 My first note =]
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Hello =] My name is Ania.

I'm Polish, but I wanna to learn English language =] So I'll write here something about me and my life =] I have one question... Can You correct my errors? I'll be very thankful =]

I have fourteen years old and I love music, animals, computers and my friends =]

I have few enemies, but I have... That's sad, but it's truth. I hate them! I wish them will die... I know it's bad, but they destroyed me... They're very unfriendly! They're think that they are cool... But they aren't!

Sometimes I was a fear to go to school! Because they threaten me! I don't know what I have to do... Please - help me... Because I can't give anymore!

Greetings =*


mam-tak-samo-jak-ty : :